TRAPO Diatomite Car Coaster

Tired of water stains and mildew caused by surplus water from cold drinks? TRAPO Diatomite Cup Holder has got your back! It is perfect for users wanting an eco-friendly coaster that is super absorbent, anti-bacterial and mold-resistant! This product is made of Diatomaceous earth (Diatomite) that has strong ability to absorb water and deodorise unpleasant smells due to its porous properties. This product is hygienic and easy to clean with just water. It doesn’t contain chemical additives, making it non-toxic and 100% safe for use.


Made of 100% Diatomaceous Earth, low density & high water absorbent
Antibacterial & inhibits growth of mildew
Eliminate surplus of water instantly
Deodorise bad odor & purify air in small area
Able to fit to most of car cup holders



What is Oxtra
OXTRA by Trapo is a short form for “Trapo Extra”. Trapo believes that drivers need other EXTRA accessories besides car mat to elevate the driving experience.
We have filtered the best available products carefully in the market and select the one we believe is “the best solution” for you.

1 to 1 Warranty policy
Trapo offers 1 to 1 warranty exchange policy with faulty products from manufacturing defects. The product will be evaluated by our product specialist, any damage caused by the user is will not be part of this.

No 1 in Malaysia. Over 1,000,000.More than 10,000 reviews with 98% satisfaction rate. Worry fee 1 year warranty.Free Delivery Malaysia wide

Lighweight. Eco-friendly. High quality & non-toxic material. Easy to clean.Antibacterial. Waterproof

Fungus Resistant. Reduces Odour

Fungus Resistant. Reduces Odour

Fungus Resistant. Reduces Odour